The Case For Autarky
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2018-10-30 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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The Case For Autarky
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A word that often draws guffaws from so-called 'smart people' -- Autarky.


Is not self-sufficiency good?  Since when is it healthy in any respect to be dependent on others?

We all start dependent when we're born.  The goal of raising a child to adulthood is for them to become independent of their parents.  Sometimes that goes well, and sometimes not-so-well.  Nonetheless one can legitimately gauge their success as a parent in this fashion, and it's a rather objective standard -- either someone can make do on their own, or they cannot.

On a grander (national) scale, however, what's wrong with Autarky?  Being self-sufficient means you cannot be blackmailed when it comes to foreign policy.  For example the horseshit being run by the Saudis right now threatening to wield oil as a weapon was used in the 1970s.  They got away with it too when what they should have gotten was nuked -- but had we done so at the time we would have nuked our own economy at the same time.

Now.... not so much.  We're self-sufficient when it comes to oil.  We won't be forever on our present path but we can use the time we have with that autonomy today to build a LFTR/coal cycle set of plants and become 100% independent effectively forever -- for hundreds of years into the future.

By doing so we also wind up with 100% "green" electrical production.  Should we wish -- although it's not cost-effective -- we can also be 100% closed-cycle for transportation fuels (taking CO2 from the atmosphere for the carbon source) although doing so would be tremendously stupid economically.  Nonetheless utilizing our coal resources for both electrical power (as the source for the Thorium) and as the feedstock for transportation fuels is both smart and reduces to an effective zero the cancer risk arising from coal combustion (since effectively all of that comes from the alpha emitted from the thorium contained in coal, and which in minute amounts enters the atmosphere when it's burned.)  Separating it out for nuclear fuel from said coal -- which is easy due to it's much-higher atomic weight -- removes that risk.

Let's cut the crap -- there is literally nothing that we as Americans need but we cannot source ourselves inside our borders.  Trade, to the extent it is used as a sop for slave labor and environment arbitrage is an abuse, not a benefit.  It not only abuses people it abuses our budget and gives cover to unsustainable (and, over time, ruinous) deficit spending that should never take place.

Energy is just one of the places where we can and must stop this crap -- but hardly the only one.  Anyone who believes that it makes sense to ship chickens or sows over to some other nation to be processed and then returned to the US has rocks in their head.  Transportation is never free and the only reason you do that sort of thing is that you're screwing someone.

It's time to embrace independence and make autarky a word to live by here in the Untied States -- and if globalists don't like it, especially foreign globalists, I suggest that we should expel them -- all of them -- from our nation.