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User Info Cesar Et Tu?; entered at 2018-10-27 10:16:56
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This story seems incomplete. Here's an interesting thread on Twitter:

"Here's the indictment. It is very weak and seems rushed, IMO."

"If I was his lawyer, I'd be advising him to plead not guilty. The affiant FBI agent evidence against him relies on

#1 - a 'conversation' with someone at Quantico about:

- a 'probable' 'latent' fingerprint
- a 'possible' DNA mark


"#2 - a conversation with someone who works in the postal service that 5 of the 14 packages were 'routed' through the Opa Locka mail facility.

There's still ZERO evidence about HOW they were 'routed' via the facility.

FIVE potential pipe bombs, between 18-20 October. WTF?

" Another thing.

There are NINE other packages, that have been sent all over America.

How? Was loony tunes Sayoc driving his bizarre van feverishly all over the country?

It makes NO sense.

Unless it makes total sense."
2018-10-27 10:16:56