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User Info Cesar Et Tu?; entered at 2018-10-27 09:29:24
Posts: 337
Registered: 2017-06-26
A part Seminole indian who used to work as a stripper?

You can't make this **** up. I'm so glad we got Donald instead of Jeb, because Jeb would never inspire a **** show like this one.

I can't wait to see what happens if the Dirty Dems retake the House. The back-and-forth insults and accusations will be epic, and so entertaining. The **** show will motivate more bombers and gunners, I'm sure.

And if Florida gets Gillum's 10in up its ass, Trump's "adopted state" is then put in jeopardy for his 2020 Keep America Great reelection campaign. So the political fireworks in Florida shall be fun to watch, too --- from a distance, of course. Who knows how many more Siminoles will actually go on the warpath.

Moreover, the equity markets are looking a little sick right now, and so does a market leader, AMZN. That's a red flag, if ever there was one. And what about that butt-ugly looking bond market?

The commercial BBB rated paper out there is somewhere north of two trillion in nominal value. That really looks sick to me. I think when Humpty Dumpty crashes down on the pavement his guts are going to splatter all across this great land from sea to shining sea. And all of those nasty smelling BBB commercial bonds in Humpty's guts are going to quickly turn to junk as they rain down on the lenders....

Well, at least Trump can blame the Fed for the next credit crisis..

2018-10-27 09:29:24