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2018-10-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 166 references Ignore this thread
Cesar Et Tu?
[Comments enabled]

So we have our nutjob....

The man authorities allege waged a week-long reign of terror against prominent Democrats by sending crude bombs through the mail is reportedly a former stripper and bodybuilder who attended pro-Trump rallies — often sporting a red MAGA cap — and posted partisan rants online.

And... if you keep reading, he has a history of bomb threats (the proper word for a threat without an actual explosive device is hoax, by the way.)

And there's this, because the media just has to keep the lie alive.

The potentially explosive devices were intercepted in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, Delaware and California.

Potentially eh?

Uh, no.

The arrestee himself has said they were hoax devices.  I believe it from what I've seen and the authorities have confirmed it despite trying not to.  They've confirmed it by how they have acted; they have not acted as one would act if it was a real bomb.  Specifically nobody in their right mind sits around with a real explosive device that might go "boom" at any time and takes pictures of it while it sits on an ordinary office table.  Uh, no.

He also seems to like to steal (both of the grand theft and misdemeanor type), seems to have a history with roid-rage drugs and has been charged with ripping off merchants with fraudulent return schemes.

Sounds like an upstanding member of the community.

They won't get him with "mailing an explosive" unless, of course, there was an explosive and from the evidence -- there was no explosive.

Next, that photo of him looks a bit...... light.  I wonder why....

Third, how did all of those devices get out of the post office without a tracking strip (on the bottom; they add it if you don't use machined postage that is barcoded) or hand-canceled stamps.  Never mind that sort of package is supposed to be handed to someone, AND the lack of proper postage (irregular/non-machinable gets surcharged.)  How did those all not get kicked back immediately at the original point.  Then there's the report that CNN's was hand-couriered into the building.  None of this adds up.

But if he was involved (no matter how) he's still going up the river for 20+, and damn well should.  You don't need a real bomb to make a terrorist threat -- a fake one does just as well for the threat part.  It's the blowing up part that need a real explosive for, and it appears this guy had enough screws missing that he may well have been incapable of mustering up something other than a cheap mock-up that looks like something out of a Hollyweird casting closet.

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