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User Info Aooooooga! Aooooooga!; entered at 2018-10-11 09:24:14
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
the reason that lug nuts like R0nnybaby feel safe enough to ask the question is that all of our past crashes did not break the country or the system in an apparent way to them and we eventually blew another bubble to create a new scam mechanism to spin the wheel of misfortune again.

if you listen to his type carefully, you also hear a sub clinical desire for another war or something or at least an acknowledgement that world wars fix it when the wheel bearing will not allow another spin. this is based in the accident of geography that Americans does not seem to feel the effects of war on the continental property. so after a war, it is party on and actually during as so few citizens actually fight. that is only for poor people to do, another belief of the aspiring financial mogul middle class.

our discussions must remind everybody that it has gone too far systemically, and the war model is as well as being far off, not a good bet in a much more high tech, industrialized world. translation, our opponents can throw nasty **** at our homeland too and actually live here with the resources to dish it out.

everyone learns eventually.
2018-10-11 09:24:14