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User Info NOAA/NHC - Stop The BULL****; entered at 2018-10-10 22:58:14
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Eyewall @ Panama City Beach


See all those buildings with perfectly intact roofs -- and not all of them heavy reinforced-concrete structures (e.g. residences)? That's a Cat 2.

A Cat 4 is effectively an EF3 TORNADO in terms of windspeed. It SLABS houses and blows out NEARLY ALL high-rise windows (Cat 5s DO blow out all the windows.) After Katrina the lower part of MS where it came in was LITERALLY scoured to the concrete pads through entire neighborhoods.

Show me that sort of damage, I buy Cat 4. I WATCHED, in real-time, a guy punch the eyewall in a TRUCK. In 155mph SUSTAINED (~175mph gusts) he would have been literally picked up and THROWN like a toy. I was watching because I EXPECTED to see him die and was intending to laugh at him in public.

He didn't die because it wasn't a Cat 4. It was a Cat 2.
2018-10-10 22:58:14