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User Info The Rank, Outrageous Double Standard; entered at 2018-09-14 13:27:59
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Registered: 2007-06-26
Yeah, I saw that.

The real fun comes when you go over there, get stoned and COME BACK.

God help you if you have anything in the vehicle -- even just residue. Doggie hits on it (and you KNOW there will be one for EVERY lane) and you're ****ed; they'll rip the car apart looking for it. ****, a friend of mine some 30+ years ago had HIS car ripped apart on mere suspicion and he had NOTHING -- no real reason either -- and they left him with the seats on the sidewalk and said "have a nice day!" Think it'll be better -- uh, no.

Actually HAVE something and you're double-plus-****ed.
2018-09-14 13:27:59