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User Info Black And White; entered at 2018-09-14 10:23:10
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Drifter - I am shocked you would even think Jay Inslee and our other fine elected leaders would use their authority to do harm.....SHOCKED I tell you. You know OR would try and control the other half of the river. What a mess that would be.

I believe in order to stop outright idiocy like this, the smart people (we once had in this country) put Coast Guard is in charge of all navigable water ways within the U.S., but weed is legal in WA state. I think some of WA States law makers have been hitting the bong too much during work and they are now experiencing a Musk Moment.

Excuse me Mr Law maker are you always this stupid or are you just having a Musk Moment.....Oh I see, you are actually that stupid, but the pot just helps to enhance it.
2018-09-14 10:23:10