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User Info The Rank, Outrageous Double Standard; entered at 2018-09-13 10:40:09
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
As most people, I do not care what Musk or just about anybody else does on their private time. At the same time when your livelihood depends on following certain rules, it is beyond foolish to announce to the world you do not give a crap about any rules.

If you are a politician, teacher, preacher or anyone else who chooses to be in the public eye you have a duty and expectation to act in a way to gain the trust of said public. You want to drink, do so at home, with friends or even out at dinner. But do not drive and put the public you profess to protect at risk by your behaviors.

Musk wants to pretend he is all that, wants the public to believe he is smarter than them, he wants not only the public, but the government to believe in him so much that they will give him their money. Money he needs to survive. If Mush was on his own property, sheltered and out of the eye of the public and someone had invaded his privacy to show a picture of him smoking dope, I personally would have a great amount of sympathy for him.

However: The idiot decided to go out into the public for the world to see that he can shoot whiskey and smoke weed at the same time. He is a flaming IDIOT! As a shareholder, bond holder, worker or whoever that has given time and or money to this man, you would have to start questioning him. If he cares so little about following the rules he agreed to, how much less does he care about my investment in him.

Yup, he is an idiot. I know the world does not work in this way, but those that are now fully aware how little Musk cares about his own company are bigger fools for still giving him their money and yes this includes Uncle Stupid
2018-09-13 10:40:09