The Rank, Outrageous Double Standard
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2018-09-13 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 137 references Ignore this thread
The Rank, Outrageous Double Standard
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Let's cut the crap eh?

Musk was recently on video, in a podcast, smoking weed.

Marijuana is illegal under Federal Law.  The current consumption of same is an instant, automatic and always bar to a security clearance.  It does not matter if it's legal to consume marijuana for recreational or medical purposes under State law when it comes to Federal matters.

Prior use of weed is not always a disqualifying act but current consumption of any federally-illegal drug (or abuse of any drug, legal or not) is.  Period.

There is a man here in the local area who was employed by a federal contractor and who was using non-mind-altering CBD under a doctor's advice, legally, here in Florida.  He was just recently fired in the last couple of months for consuming legal, medical, non-psychoactive CBD and in his particular case, according to local media, his job had no direct security clearance implications.

You can disagree if you want but those are the rules -- no consumption of any cannabinoid products are permitted if you do work for the Federal Government under contract nor may you hold a security clearance if you consume these products whether under medical advice or not.

So how does Musk's company Space-X have any Air Force contracts and how does he hold a security clearance, which he apparently does, and why wasn't that clearance immediately revoked?

**** you Donald Trump and **** you Federal Government -- all of you.  Nobody gets away with that crap that is in the "general population" and is an "ordinary person."  This sort of "special treatment" because you have a billion dollars and are a flaming, five-alarm ******* is why I pray for an asteroid strike on DC every single evening before going to bed.

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