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User Info So SatanFrancis DID Know..; entered at 2018-09-12 10:17:17
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Registered: 2017-04-29 DeKalb, Illinois
It gets even better! Pope John Paul II managed to get Cardinal Law out of the US and put him up in a mansion in Rome. Law basically destroyed the Boston Archdiocese by his deft maneuvering of homosexual predator priests from one parish to another for way too many years. This has been very thoroughly documented by Phil Lawler. The archdiocese had to close and sell many of the parishes to pay off the molested young men. Cardinal Law was extracted from the country before the authorities could charge him for his crimes.

One might think that enabling homosexual predators, and initiating a coverup by the Pope should be a barrier to sainthood, but that was obviously not the case. It would only be the case for a Church that actually followed its long standing principles.

I have read Archbishop Vigano's scathing Testimony numerous times. It has become increasingly clear to me and to plenty of others that the Catholic Church is an oligarchy largely run by homosexual predators in defiance of the Church's Teachings. I left the Church before all of this came to light, and was sadly not surprised by the perfidy and the resulting cover-ups. The only way this will ever change is for the long suffering laity to withhold their contributions. But most will not, fearing that their parishes might be closed. This is foolish, because there are many parishes that have been closed to fund the payments to those who were molested over the years.
2018-09-12 10:17:17