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User Info The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself); entered at 2018-08-09 20:27:18
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Vernonb wrote..
I know some of older vehicles needed leaded compounds as TEL to better lube up the valves/cyclinder walls and not serve only as an anti-knock agent before it was banned. Once catalytic converters were used the leaded fuel could not be introduced without causing damage.

Many older (antique) high performance engines (before catalytic converters) were damaged because of the drop in the octane rating and removal/reduction of the TEL additive in the 70s.

some changes were necessary and good. tetraethyl lead was a crime against humanity and its damages persist to this day. we installed hardened valve seats in the family car in the mid seventies and it ran just fine on unleaded. the very high compression sixties and seventies muscle car BS had some problems, but they were useless for general motoring anyway. everyone who restores older cars installs the hardened valve seats and runs them on premium unleaded without issue. the stupid Europeans still continued producing lead additives for over two decades after we ceased. perhaps this explains their thinking.

MTBE was not primarily an anti-knock additive. it was a dangerous oxygen additive replaced eventually with ethanol. by their nature the oxygen additives do raise the anti-knock index, but there are other compounds that do the same without sacrificing fuel-economy or creating more NOx.
2018-08-09 20:27:18