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User Info So I Should Be Killed Eh?; entered at 2018-08-09 13:07:54
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"You get what you tolerate." - Marv Dunphy

I am amazed that we accept the open talk of White genocide in public. If one fell asleep in 1980, and woke up today, they would see the stark difference in the public discourse. Over the past 40 years, we have slowly grown to accept this kind of talk. At first, it was just freak-kook-fringe talk that nobody took seriously. It was almost a "let the little people have their tantrum" way of dealing with it.

Not today. This kind of talk is not just done, nor tolerated, it is the standard way of discussing social policy at almost every university in the US, Canada, and Europe.

This kind of thing always, always, always ends badly. Quite frankly, I'm shocked it hasn't already gone bad.

Two things weigh on that: the economy is sufficiently moving (albeit through debt, which will only make it worse when the day of reckoning comes) to numb those that should be worried. As long as Whitey McWhite has his two cars, mortgage, and TeeVee, he doesn't care what the NYT, the universities, or the non-Whites are doing.

The second is more ominous. I have developed a theory in my time on TF that states that human catastrophe follows an 80 year cycle, give or take. We learn our lessons, then as the living memory dies off, we repeat them.

80 years ago was 1938.

People are inherently tribal. It's in the DNA. We survive and thrive as part of the group, and race is the biggest and easiest issue to rally around. The non-Whites have been doing it in Whitey McWhite's face for 40 years.

The Neo-Marxists have brought in the brown wave to supplant the voting population in the US. They miscalculated in 2016, thinking the brown wave would be enough, along with the White leftists, to make the matter permanent. They were premature in telling the White working class to******off, given the anomaly of BHO2, and the misreading of the electorate 2008-12 was. In reality, had Obama come along in 2020, it would have been over. They needed two or three more election cycles to cement the deal, but they blew it.

There is no way this ends cleanly. Fully half of the country is "all-in" on identity politics and they can't reverse course. There is no "just kidding" moment to get the White working class back, unless the other half of the country (so far beholden to the Chamber of Commerce) also tells them to******off, which isn't off the table.

I don't want to see it, but if anyone can chart a clean path through this **** storm, I'm all eyes and ears.
2018-08-09 13:07:54