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User Info The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself); entered at 2018-08-09 12:33:21
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Screw Christopher Gibbs. He's little more than a self-righteous government knob-gobbler. These people think they have a entitled right to rip off everyone else just because of their occupation. Actually not much difference between them and the crooks in healthcare. I could not get one paragraph into the article without having my blood boil.

My parents and grandparents worked as sharecroppers and farm laborers till the late-60s and my parents did similar jobs into their early 20s. These are the people that actually DID the work. Not someone trying to exploit a system.
But, but, but -these are jobs Americans will not do. These people can save the horse manure rhetoric for someone else. Farmers as Gibbs were looking for another source of cheaper labor for exploitation.

We have too many farmers getting subsidies and special registration for things like passenger trucks that are nothing but play toys for them to go hunting, fishing, and the like. These vehicle are seldom used on the farm for any real work yet they get special registration. The rip offs don't stop with crop subsidies and registrations. They also get special reduced or no tax fuel prices for that "farm" equipment in many states. Want to guess how they are fueling those toys too?

but the economic impact of intentionally damaging fuel economy, never mind the NOx problem which is very real, is another matter entirely.

Yep those high fuel economy vehicles can't make the mileage proclaimed by the automakers with ethanol. Then to perpetuate the problem because one can't get the mileage, even more of this ethanol tainted fuel must be purchased which again multiplies the problem smog problem. Crap in - more crap out.

I can see up to a 20% loss in fuel economy with "10% ethanol" at times. The EPA and other mileage factors are complete lies since the ethanol blended fuel being sold to the public is likely NOT the optimum non-ethanol blended fuel being used in testing -more lies and obfusications. This makes mileage ratings complete lies for vehicles tested with non-adulterated fuels.

If signs were posted at pumps that said "You will experience a 20% loss in fuel economy, higher vehicle maintenance costs, and an increase in smog production using this fuel" maybe people would wake up. We put warning labels on cigarettes perhaps its time for the same with gasoline to protect both the environment and the consumers' pocketbooks.
BTW are anti-knock additives as MTBE even needed anymore with things like knock sensors and SkyActive engines? Looks like systems could better control the air charge/fuel ratio through sensors so an oxygenate is not needed.

I know some of older vehicles needed leaded compounds as TEL to better lube up the valves/cyclinder walls and not serve only as an anti-knock agent before it was banned. Once catalytic converters were used the leaded fuel could not be introduced without causing damage.

Many older (antique) high performance engines (before catalytic converters) were damaged because of the drop in the octane rating and removal/reduction of the TEL additive in the 70s.

Keeping these cars running meant putting in hardened valves and seats and reducing the compression ratio if an octane booster/gas lube was not manually added to the tank. If compression was lowered a resulting loss in horsepower also occurred.

This is not the first time the motoring public was screwed by the EPA but now they are dealing in outright lies for political ideology for the claims made.

2018-08-09 12:33:21