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User Info The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself); entered at 2018-08-09 11:38:22
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most do not realize that if you raise your fuel economy in a sane fashion while preserving the essence of the emission control system you can actually achieve lower levels of all pollutants over miles driven which is what actually matters. this is why some states discovered that raising the speed limits although engines burn a little more fuel under this scenario and might pollute more, the pollution over miles driven is lower. this is especially true with higher gearing common to all modern cars. the EPA testing is not all bad, however testing for pollutants as a percentage of exhaust does not always translate into the real world. in fact the mania with CO2 actually causes the increase of other pollutants as small engines and diesels tested at idle and lower dyno speeds do not show themselves to be major polluters they are at realistic road speeds and usage. this is all just splitting hairs as gasoline cars became essentially pollution free twenty years ago. we are going backwards. stationary and diesel sources are the problems in densely populated areas as well as with congestion. the CO2 scam is why the Europeans are up the ****ter with pollution as they chased carbon efficiency using diesel before its pollution controls for dense areas matured. stationary could be solved with nuclear and LFTR's but . . .
2018-08-09 11:38:22