So I Should Be Killed Eh?
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2018-08-09 11:25 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 255 references Ignore this thread
So I Should Be Killed Eh?
[Comments enabled]

Because I'm a white male.

Uh huh.

One of my first real jobs (programming computers) involved working with a bunch of dudes doing hardware and myself, and a couple of others, doing software.

One of them was a Korean War vet.

The NY Times just hired someone who has declared that he should die.

Well, if he had taken her advice or simply stayed home instead of risking getting his ass blown off to free that ugly bitch's parents she'd be getting raped right now in Communist Korea -- that is, if she hadn't been put in front of a 20mm anti-aircraft gun for shooting her mouth off and blown to bits long ago, or, equally likely, she never would have been born at all because one or both of her parents would have been murdered.

Let me give you a hint, little chickie -- you're here, in this country, and free to be a bigoted, racist bitch specifically because, and only because, of white men.

WHITE MEN who decided that you, despite being the most evil, vile piece of **** I've run across in a public position in more than 20 years, were worth defending with their lives.  Many of them did not come home at all, or if they did it was in a box.

The NY Times not only has and continues to crap on everyone in this nation that makes it possible for your ****ty city to have clean water, fuel for their Ubers and Taxis, and power to run your ****ing printing press. 

You personally have **** on the very people who are the only reason you are alive and free to speak at all.

So go **** yourself, Gray Lady 10cent *****.

Yeah, I downgraded you today from 2-bit -- your blowjobs aren't worth 2 bits anymore.

Not after you hired that bigoted ingrate and defended her multi-year rants.

No, I won't forget, and I won't change my mind.

But what I will do is make my level damndest best effort to convince everyone to cut your ass off, along with everyone else in that vile town and state.

Go ahead and drink from the Hudson when none of your toilets flush -- untreated -- and see how long it takes before the jackwad taking a crap upstream from you gives you dysentery, cholera or worse.

I'll tip a glass to that day and make sure to give you credit for it.

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