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User Info The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself); entered at 2018-08-09 10:44:40
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Most consider "Fly over country" farm land i.e Farmers. Most people associate a farmer as a white male. SJW's consider white males as their enemy. SJW's are comprised of blacks, Mexicans, a vast array of other ethnic groups and whites looking to placate unfounded guilt.

SJW say we (America) screwed them over somehow and now we owe them. The article says " Who am I? No, Im not a model or someone named Stormy. Im the American farmer." And that America screwed them over.

So according to SJW doctrine, white farmers screwed over everyone who was not white, so we owe them. Yet we are also told by the referenced article that America has also taken the time to screw over white farmer....I am all confused this morning.

I never knew my dick was so big and so powerful to screw so many people all at the same time.
2018-08-09 10:44:40