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User Info The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself); entered at 2018-08-09 09:45:39
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Karl, NOT disagreeing with you on this, I'm right with you on it.

Just an FYI: the fuel economy change is a bit more than you express.

Adding 10% alcohol should cause a 4.7% loss in fuel mileage assuming the same energy output of alcohol (which is a false assumption) based on a 14.7 to 1 A/F ratio for gasoline, and 8.1 A/F ratio for alcohol.

My informal testing shows an approximately 5.5% loss in fuel economy in my vehicle.

But since, in the lab, a 10% alcohol mixture reduces emissions, we must use it, never mind the pesky mileage issue, right?

(another example of something looking good from someone's cubicle)
2018-08-09 09:45:39