The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself)
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2018-08-09 08:15 by Karl Denninger
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The Lament of The Farmer (Go Fornicate Yourself)
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This article pisses me off.

Let me tell you a riddle. “I slept with a billionaire because he said he loved me. I expected to make love, but in the morning I realized I was getting screwed. When I went to tell the world, I was offered cash to keep my mouth shut.” Who am I? No, I’m not a model or someone named Stormy. I’m the American farmer.

In the mid-1980s we were awash with over production in the corn and soybean sectors. Agriculture got busy, boarded planes, trains and automobiles and started building markets around the world, one handshake and one relationship at a time. We used our own funds through our check off dollars and trade associations to build markets in Mexico, Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. And we didn’t stop there. In partnership with the U.S. taxpayers, we built an ethanol industry to ensure another renewable energy source for U.S. consumers.

Your "industry" built an open, outrageous and notorious FRAUD with Ethanol for fuel. You also managed to get the EPA to shut up about the damage too; they failed to file REQUIRED reports on the ecological impact of same that was written into the RFG law and regs. Well, now it's out, it's FOUR YEARS late, and not only does Ethanol production lead to ridiculous amounts of fertilizer run-off and environmental destruction (which would happen with any crop grown that intensively, so perhaps you could be excused there) in addition it increases NOx when burnt in modern engines.

The latter means it creates more smog-forming ozone, not less. Ethanol was a decent idea back when MTBE was discovered to be a massive groundwater problem and engines in cars had carburetors and first-generation, non-closed-loop TBI injection. You can count those engines on the road today in the low single digits; outside of antiques they're all gone.

Finally, if that's not enough, it has far fewer BTUs that gasoline so it also damages fuel economy. While the percentage of damage is small (about 2%) extrapolated across all the fuel consumed that's billions of dollars and millions of tons of additional CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. I happen to not think much of so-called "global warming science" (having more than a bit of knowledge in physics and chemistry) but the economic impact of intentionally damaging fuel economy, never mind the NOx problem which is very real, is another matter entirely.

RFG should be banned and those who promoted it imprisoned for the billions you steal every single year from the pocketbooks of American motorists. Last time I checked grand theft was a felony.

Oh, and as for tariffs, well, when the Chinese stop stealing intellectual property and imposing differential tariffs and trade conditions you then have a point. They have continually promised to stop and yet not only does it not stop it accelerates continually.

You exploited this to sell to a slave-labor communist nation that was screwing us blind. We were told Mexico's $4/hour manufacturing wages (when NAFTA was passed, remember that?) would rapidly rise to near parity with the US. That didn't happen either; today the wage is.... about $4/hour. Not one person in that plant making cars or trucks for $4/hour can afford the $40,000 vehicle being made there. We got rooked, millions of Americans lost their jobs and industry disappeared. Meanwhile you "expanded your market" and demanded illegal invaders to come work your fields so you didn't have to pay employment taxes and a living wage. That's all a crime too, but nobody cared so long as you sold soybeans to Mexico and China. Every single one of you folks who has ever employed an illegal invader should be rotting in a federal prison cell. You screwed an American out of a job and millions of Americans out of a living wage and middle-class lifestyle.


I spent 30 years administering federal farm programs with the USDA. I’ve administered and supported disaster programming, conservation programming, and price and supply stabilization. I believed in those supports because I believe a strong agriculture is directly related to our national security. I’ve never administered hush money designed to make me sit down and shut up about a ridiculous protectionist trade policy that has destroyed in a matter of months what my industry built with our own hands over decades.

The president calls ‘em like he sees them, and so do I. I won’t be silent any longer.

You didn't build ****, except for robbing people blind.  Rather than allow the supply and demand side of things to do their magic, along with the fact that you can sell forward production in the futures market if you're concerned, instead you want "price and supply stabilization."

May I remind you what that is:  Wickard .v. Filburn, ****head.

Yes, you, ****head, the Supreme Court decision that on the very rubric you support and spent 30 years screwing the entire rest of the nation with has led to the Federal Government declaring that every thing that anyone does, anywhere, anytime, in any industry suddenly has "interstate commerce" implications and therefore is subject to federal regulation.

Even growing your own ******n corn for your own family to eat is subject to federal regulation -- that you support and spent 30 years screwing the entire nation with.


You had a good run and I hope you enjoyed ramming all of the rest of America up the backside. We, who have great respect for farmers, do not have respect for anyone who exploits others no matter their nationality or standing in this country or what they do.

That includes you.

I am no fan of Trump in the general sense but on trade he's right, even if he doesn't understand the how or why.  On ethanol, which he has sought to increase, he's dead wrong -- on the facts, on the law, and on the science -- none of which he, or you, give a damn about so long as you make money.  There are several words for that and they include "avarice", "greed" and perhaps even "Satanic."

The very exploits you complain about losing today are the reason we have a Federal Government out of control.  They are the reason half the nation, those on the left side of the curve, have seen all their jobs go to China and Mexico.  They are the reason we have an opioid epidemic that is killing people by the tens of thousands who cannot find living-wage jobs with their abilities and skillset.  They are the reason health care is a ****ing monopoly that costs five hundred percent what it should and would if the damn law was enforced.  They are the reason we have lost our 50 state political laboratories and it was all so you could poison our water and screw motorists out of billions of dollars, along with selling soybeans and corn to China and Mexico.

Take a bow if you wish but you get this in response: smiley

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