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User Info Journalism Eh?; entered at 2018-08-02 21:17:29
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Common sense dictates that we are compelled by the things we are familiar with. I contend that if you had a group of 100 strangers that had never met before, but were forced to spend time in a closed room together, they would first divide into gender groups. There would of course be some over lap, but you would soon have groups of mostly men and mostly women. From there they would divide into groups based off of skin color, social status, religion and so one.

I believe most of the people would not even realize they developed into groups.

Does that make any of them bigoted? NO! It means we are more comfortable with what we are familiar with.

The problem comes when people start calling others names and in my opinion "racist" is one of the worst names out there. It implies you are white, it implies you are probably male, it implies you think you are superior to others and it is almost impossible to defend against.

In the eyes of the race baiter the only way you can defend yourself against that word is to give into their cause. And when you give into their cause, you do become racist.

I am white, but grew up a minority, there were far more, Native Americans, Mexicans and Pacific Islanders, but there were more whites than blacks. About the only times I was not surrounded by other ethic groups was during family gatherings. I was called just about every name in the book, except racist.

The word "Racist" is being used to stifle white people and it is being used quite effectively. My wife was born and raised in Mexico, she can and does say things that are very true yet she is not considered racist.

If I say 1 tenth of what she says in public, even white people think I am being racist. Wait...What??? The dark skinned Mexican woman just said X,Y,Z and you are ok with it, but when the white guy agrees with her, he is racist!

**** the NYT, **** Starebucks, **** Twitter, **** Maxine Waters, Al Sharpten **** the race baiters, and especially **** the pussies who are allowing this to happen to their fellow American citizens.

This is not going to have a happy ending.
2018-08-02 21:17:29