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User Info Journalism Eh?; entered at 2018-08-02 19:05:29
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Some of the worst racists I have EVER met have been black.

This is probably because I've never actually known someone who was a KKK member, for example -- at least not that I ever discovered. But I've known several black people that were quickly shunned as soon as I discovered their ENTIRE IDENTITY was about hating white people -- which made their decision to try to associate with me not curious, but rather frightening -- if they hated me for the color of my skin then their attempt to associate with me was quite-clearly for some nefarious purpose!

If you have any common sense at all you run far and fast from such people, for they're the very ones that will seriously harm or even kill you given half a chance.

Racists come in all shapes, sizes and colors -- and while it's not a crime to be one that sort of thing in a position of public responsibility (such as is the case with a journalist) is outrageous.

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2018-08-02 19:05:29