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User Info Journalism Eh?; entered at 2018-08-02 17:33:41
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Registered: 2009-10-06 Msumelle, Ar
I remember back in the early 1970's when I was in High School reading Gay Talese's book "The Kingdom & The Power", his story of The New York Times.

Once upon a time I think they were a great paper, a pretty liberal one, but I think their slide started a long time ago, maybe around the time of Watergate. In the last 25 years it has picked up steam and when Pinch Sultzberger took over the slide got faster.

Undoubtedly the worst President and Publisher ever, he pretty much destroyed the paper, certainly in a financial sense by terrible decisions, and by the Editorial Decisions he made for the paper.

Now we have Pinch's idiot son, Pauper, in charge and the slide continues to oblivion.
2018-08-02 17:33:41