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User Info Journalism Eh?; entered at 2018-08-02 12:46:06
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I've been saying for decades (not just years) that the NYT is public enemy #1 of the People.

CNN was and still is public enemy #1 in the category of broadcast media.

Here's some good, real news: Trump's approval rating with likely voters just hit 50%.

How is this good news? It's good news to me because I want the Trumpster ( aka the Trump Monster) strong enough, popular enough and angry enough to feel like he can try and kill the MSM. And in the process kill himself.

If I'm lucky, I'll live to see the day in which Trump becomes a powerful Titan --- powerful enough to behead the Medusa Media. And, as we all know, Medusa's head can still turn Trump to stone after the fact.....

Clash of the Titans, as articulated by the Three Blind Witches, would be a happy ending for me regarding the Medusa Media and Monster Trump...
2018-08-02 12:46:06