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User Info So What About Kavanaugh?; entered at 2018-07-12 16:35:19
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Magus wrote..
First, many in our military would dispute that about ground forces. Second, why do you think it would only be ground force in a theoretical war with Russia?

regarding your first point many in the military would dispute your point about them. based upon first-hand knowledge.

your second point is more involved. since the late eighties we have showcased our high tech weapons, etc. if they are so great, why is it that we have not totally decimated to the point of absolute surrender the significantly more minuscule forces in other conflict areas? they have their uses, but as Asimov said, territory must be taken completely or else you have a perpetual Guerrilla warfare. Russia would install itself in any territory that it invaded and their own would defy any attempts by us to seize it. this is distantly one reason that battles were once fought on selected areas since invasion was so difficult. this is why the British ultimately gave up the colonies as we controlled the land by residence. we would be traveling to other lands to fight Russia; the logistics would be terrible. Europe is in land contiguous to theirs, a much easier takeover, just need to control roads and rail and establish residence. we would never get them out and the Europeans cannot fight and would not and would probably adapt to life under Russian rule.

our heavy ground forces are not that large, add in bad logistical challenges and Russia can manufacture and already possesses a large old-fashioned kit of heavy mobile weapons, tanks, trucks and troops. low tech that is dead reliable and in massive quantity beats the high tech stuff. and their soldiers can fight under very hard conditions. now let's add in that other groups that just love us will also contribute, perhaps quietly. it would be a real mess for us.

Russia has a terrible demographic situation and needs to solidify power bases around the world for strength to ride the trend out. this makes them a little aggressive. we successfully waited out Iran and now they will age out of being able to aggressively do much. Russia is positioning as China does the same and they are fair weather friends to each other only. It is best to leave sick animals alone and not agitate them. few things are as dangerous as a sick animal or a man with nothing left to lose.
2018-07-12 16:35:19