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User Info So What About Kavanaugh?; entered at 2018-07-12 07:09:56
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
The problem with Trump or any other leader as strong man, emperor, empire builder, whatever is that eventually the military rule that there is always someone bigger, stronger, meaner and tougher applies. He is a silver-spooned big man. No doubt that he can best many in terms of intelligence and manipulation, but he is accustomed to limited consequences. Just wait until he gets in with the street fighters, and this is meant on many levels. This is why we do not want his America Great Empire Model as it is only one stronger group or dislocating event away from a larger collapse. Emperors who operate outside the rule of law and proper founding form of our country expose the vulnerable flank of relying on their one trick and not having the whole system work properly much like bailing out a boat instead of patching the holes. Eventually the crew grows tired, everyone to the lifeboats and the storm gets worse and you made the problems worse by allowing the waters to rot the structure over the years. You sure do look like superman while manning that gusher pump until everyone goes tired. There is a line among professional captains, "Weak captains need strong crews." Trump is over working the people and system until everyone and everything gets tired and then the tougher guys will pounce.

Putin and Russia for all of its problems are capable of defeating us or costing us a high price for victory especially since they are accustomed to hardship outside of our imaginations. They are also a much more cohesive society.

Do you think that those of us willing and capable of fighting in a protracted conflict or cleaning up some other mess so big boy can be the emperor will come back to broken inner cities, welfare communities and their associated crime, financial shenanigans, the lack of the rule of law and other indignities and if our number as as large as they could be after a world conflict, not decide to clean things up in a less than desirable fashion. This will always be a fear that the returning fighting men would want a say and why they will always be shunned and marginalized to some extent regardless of heroism.

In some past conflicts of uncertain times it was only that they the soldier class were not numerous enough, society was not broken enough or people were not angry enough to come back and finish the job here.

Trump is stupid if he thinks that conditions are right for another late fifties and sixties post war boom in our future.

MAGA is not forever.
2018-07-12 07:09:56