CNBC: You're Full of CRAP (NATO)
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2018-07-12 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Foreign Policy , 220 references Ignore this thread
CNBC: You're Full of CRAP (NATO)
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This crap pisses me off to the point that I have issued a formal prayer for an asteroid strike on the smug-faced jackasses I saw talking about it being a "positive sum" game for Germany to buy 30% of its energy supply from Russia.

Let me remind you what Germany has done in the pursuit of that pipeline and gas supply: They have shut down both coal and nuclear plants that could pick up said load.

It is outrageously unsound to be dependent on any foreign nation with whom you are unable or unwilling to go to war with for your primary energy supplies.  Behind every unit of GDP is a unit of energy and what's worse is that in today's world of "just in time" delivery of damn near everything an interruption of said primary energy supply will instantly destroy your economy, society and government.

Consider how long it would take before our nation's cities would turn into feral free-fire zones -- every single one of them -- were we to lose our ability to provide diesel fuel to the trucks that run food into said towns -- or if we lost 30% of our electrical generating capacity.  There would be literally no standard office building in a major city able to operate under either scenario and in the former there would be food riots within days.

Let me just give you one example: There is a ~0.43psi pressure loss per foot of head of water.  The "average" water pressure in most cities is around 50psi.  This means that without booster pumps, which run on electricity, there is no water above about the 10th floor of a building.  Never mind the elevators (which don't run without power either) or the lift pumps to run your literal crap the other direction and process it at the sewage treatment plant.  As such every building over about 10 stories high becomes uninhabitable for any purpose essentially immediately without electrical power and if anyone on the 30th floor flushes a toilet without working lift stations, well, guess what happens to those on lower floors or in lower-height buildings connected to the same sewage pipe, never mind the streets....

Speaking of that nice city you had....

We haven't even gotten to the fact that oil refining, never mind sorting and handling of damn near everything today relies on electrical power either directly or indirectly.

To suggest that Russia would "never" shut off the gas supply coming through said pipelines is pure folly.  While under ordinary circumstances this is certainly true (after all they get paid for the gas!) were there to be a serious blow-up in international relations, say, over Ukraine, one of the first acts you could expect Putin to take would be to personally walk over to the big fat handwheel on the pipeline valves headed to Europe and close them.

Russia, of course, really likes having that implied threat over NATO nations.  It doesn't need to be stated as a threat to be both obvious and understood; to lose 30% of your generating (or, in the winter, home heating!) capacity would be instantly catastrophic and both Germany and Russia know it.

NATO, in short, is obsolete in a world where any of the nations that its putative "alliance" stands to protect against have managed to negotiate iron-hard dependency agreements with nations that would be subject to counter-attack under Article 5.

Any nation that has allowed itself to be so-entangled either must resign NATO entirely, must be expelled on an immediate basis (for which, I remind you, NATO has no procedure for) or NATO must be dissolved.  Period.

Every nation has the right to indenture itself to some other country.  China has been doing this around the world with third-world nations trying to emerge from their third-world status, giving them "loans" they know they cannot pay with contractual rights to foreclose on the collateral when the payment is not made.  This has occurred with seaports and will probably continue, giving China's PLA literal ownership of land in other, sovereign nations.

This is an effective annexation of said formerly-sovereign territory!

If Germany wishes to indenture itself to Russia through tying its literal existence to the supply of Russian natural gas then so be it.  We have no right to demand that they don't do this; as a sovereign nation they are fully free to commit economic, political and physical suicide, exactly as they have done throughout the EU by admitting millions of unskilled "rapefugees" that have no intention of assimilating, finding work or doing anything other than bringing Islam and Sharia Law to said nations along with sucking up every single Euro they can in welfare benefits.

The United States has no obligation to provide a single dollar in benefit to any such nation.  In fact we have a duty to refuse and reserve all such resources for the inevitable outcome when that act of stupidity ends badly and the people who engaged in said scam decide they won't be content with corrupting Germany alone but rather lay designs through the use of armed force on other nations that are not equally stupid and who have thus far refused to comply with their entreaties of economic, religious, political and/or social slavery.