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User Info So What About Kavanaugh?; entered at 2018-07-11 23:27:40
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Registered: 2017-06-26
Kavanaugh is a good pick for Trump because America is an empire, and the set of laws which govern an empire are far different than the laws ( or lack thereof) that govern a constitutional republic. The American Empire and its CEO need team players like Kavanaugh to abridge whatever parts of the Constitution that prevent America from becoming "great again", i.e., a Super Empire that Trump himself can be proud of...

Trump is the CEO of the American Empire, and he knows it. And I expect nothing less of him than to choose his political and judicial appointees on the basis of making America not just any run of the mill empire, but an empire befitting the Trump brand name.

Really, I don't think one in a thousand know the kind of leader Trump really is... That man is no Ron Paul.

Trump isn't a non-interventionist in any since of the word. And he sure isn't a Constitutionalist himself. So, don't be surprised to see him appoint those of whom he wishes to help achieve his vision of what an America should like after Trump himself makes it "great again".

Practically speaking, I approve of Kavanaugh only because of his position on the Second Amendment. Because sooner or later the Empire is going to fall, and that's when the Second Amendment becomes more important than any of the others.

As I've said before: buckle up, and enjoy the reality **** show... Because shows like the one Trump is putting on are once-in-a-lifetime **** shows... And I actually love how Trump is turning the tables on the Eurocrats in Euroland. It was nice to watch Trump kick Angela Merkel in the **** just like he kicked Jeb Bush in the nuts.

The summit with Putin should be very entertaining, to say the least. After tacking on additional tarrifs to China's imports, demanding more money from the ****bag EU for a military buildup of NATO, and mocking the Germans for purchasing fuel from Russia, Trump is going into his meeting with Putin in a position of strength....

I predict Putin won't know what the **** hit him. After dealing with Obama, Bush and Clinton, Putin now faces a real CEO.
2018-07-11 23:27:40