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User Info So What About Kavanaugh?; entered at 2018-07-11 16:53:12
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Registered: 2018-07-11
Karl, your insights here are almost on the mark. The major problem with your analysis is you embrace the common historical propaganda regarding the so-called founding fathers; namely that they intended to create a free Union of States by replacing the Articles with the Constitution. There is a tendency today to lump the Founding Fathers together as though somehow they thought alike, acted in unison and actually got along with each other! The Federalist Papers represented counter revolutionary propaganda to push the people into accepting a counter-revolutionary constitution. Charles Beard and Sheldon Richman have done some good work making this point. If you had read Thomas Paine's criticisms of the Constitution prior to and during the convention you would know that he predicted, with prophetic accuracy, the Judicial Tyranny that would ensue if the Supreme Court was placed under the Executive branch. He also predicted the Imperial President or Unitary Executive that was also a clear eventuality of the Constitution. James Monroe and others clearly saw what the US Constitution presaged. What we have today IS EXACTLY what Hamilton, Jay, Madison wanted: a corporate state with a standing imperial army and a private central bank controlled by the moneyed oligarchy. The constitution was conceived as a cynical way to perpetuate the American Counter Revolution endlessly into the future. That is why you will never run out of fodder for you anger! There is no solution in the constitution. HA!

Love you, but you have veganism as wrong as "original intent"...
2018-07-11 16:53:12