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User Info I'm Impressed; entered at 2018-07-10 11:00:33
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I think there's a chance that we were oversold a little on the difficulty of the mission. Or they were extremely lucky to be able to pump out as much water as they did. I don't think we have the same outcome if the boys would have had to scuba their way out as far as it first appeared.

Thank God for the results. Stories like this show the better side of the human race. The engineering that was done to enable this, the flat out balls as big as church bells rescue effort, the kids resilience - you can't write a better story.

The two cave divers that found the boys and then led the rescue effort should be inducted in the Scuba Divers Hall of Fame. And dammit if there isn't one let's start one and name it after them.
2018-07-10 11:00:33