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User Info We're Going to Have To Legally Shoot Them; entered at 2018-07-10 09:50:33
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since electronics can last a very long time absent abuse with some minor maintenance and occasional repair, some of us who keep a few spares of older but very good PC components have a new reason for some minor stockpiling. do not know what is worse, software or hardware spying.

this is all due to an often overlooked factor that goes beyond the commodification issue. this factor affects the car industry majorly and is determining their decisions now to a very large extent. i call it the good enough wall. for even rather serious office and internet use, even some processor intensive applications, most computers made over the past ten years are just fine, including the software. this means that absent a great innovation that people feel that they need, the only margin growth is in lowering costs of manufacture. cars have the same issue. the good existing ones, even from the nineties (the quality brands from then might actually do the job better than today's models), are competition for the new products and carry a lower price point. the public gets confused by all of the choice in a saturated market and shuts down. gimmicks like Windows 10 can only get you so far and the manufacturers are only getting a replacement cycle. cars are getting like computers where one cannot really differentiate the brands.

this AMD decision and similar by the auto mans seem to be due to this situation and it will not end well for them. regular people are loading Linux on seven year old computers and having better, cheaper and faster machines than new higher end ones. i cannot tell you how many even upper middle class people that i know who are driving ten and more year old Japanese cars that are well maintained, reliable and problem free. something is shifting. AMD will eat this decision. a really good chip maker would create a more secure system to beat the competition not a less secure system. once the Chineseium hardware is out there, the industrial espionage will go nuclear.

overlapping these strategies in these two industries shows that they are facing slowing growth since bad monetary policy allowed marginal players to play the system for profit growth not based on fundamentals and not fail when needed. this action by AMD is a medium term way of maintaining profitability for another five years in a margin compressing market with low product differentiation and low demand and is a close parallel with the auto industry that needs to do the same and is looking for its five years profit growth absent good fundamentals of consumer demand, innovation and failure of marginal players.

you can also see this with the dreaded smartphone. i know a phone nut who is always getting to newest Android creation. he cannot tell the different in quality of experience any more, or features. his favorite phone is actually two years old. the market is saturated. prices must go way down. there is nothing more that he can do with a phone absent a major redesign that companies like those described above will not and often cannot do in a margin compressed environment. it is all cost cutting and financial games like AMD and auto financing to keep the scam going another five years. watch your investments accordingly.
2018-07-10 09:50:33