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User Info Something To Contemplate This Weekend; entered at 2018-07-07 05:25:46
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Registered: 2018-07-07
A1. Day 1
A2. Re-locate

Qualifications for A2.
Collective action is required and isn't going to happen until far too late, therefore the choices are:
a) Continue expending time, energy and resources on trying to get collective action (in vain in my opinion).
b) Sit back and try to enjoy the best years remaining (I am too young for this).
c) Relocate to a country where multiculturalrism is weak (it's divisive) and peoples' willingness to engage is still strong (a functioning democracy is not one vote every 5 years, it has a daily requirement to engage).

I'm English, have travelled extensively around Europe, financially able to try to set up something simple and sustainable before my "wealth" dissappears in a cloud of dust, and I'm heading for Hungary.

Love your blog Karl, you have my complete respect.

2018-07-07 05:25:46