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User Info Something To Contemplate This Weekend; entered at 2018-07-06 16:49:45
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You can try warning everyone immediately. I tried doing this on budget deficits in Dec 1975 but I never thought to bring expoentials into it. (For one thing it wasn't growing much at all: my recollection is that it was at about 10B for a couple of years running). Needless to say I was called cruel, stupid, miserly, unwilling to help the poor, etc. Words hurt a bit more back then; my error.
Reagan cut me off at the knees (throat?) and confirmed the practice, to the joy of those who wanted it. Can't understand why they didn't love him more.

Ultimately you run away from the 2' cube of death but no one can run from the national deficit, unless you leave the country entirely. And renounce your citizenship. But if the collapse reaches your location you become the local Evil Yanqui (which is less disrespectful, Yanqui or Yankee? Sigh).

As far as going against .gov goes, Chomsky always said to anyone who would listen that you had to get involved at the primary level. That seems to work in fits and starts but the Main Parties do such a good job at subsuming them, witness the Tea Party.

Taking on the government troops? I guess in the middle of the city you can get close, until they call the flying artillery (Cobras/Apaches), which is pretty precise stuff. They have to guard a fixed position and let people through; they have plumbing inside the building and can resupply by armored vehicle or helo. You could try knocking out the sewer system but they'll bring in porta potties and ship the waste out the same way they bring supplies in.

Leaflet the troops with Smedley Butler quotes?

Maybe your best bet is interdicting the people mining the uranium, preferably with persuasion. But if there are too many useful idiots (school system) then you are back to running away.

Unless you can sneak in something to "poison" the uranium but that only works if the TSA is handling the screening... And you'd need a lot of that material, I'll bet.
2018-07-06 16:49:45