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User Info Charge The Employers With Being Accessories to Rape; entered at 2018-07-06 12:48:14
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I'm good with charging them. They'll have their day in court to defend themselves. If they took reasonable steps from ensure they were citizens and were lied too then they're off the hook.

In addition go after everyone for hiring illegals. Shut down their source of income. Tell the illegals that if caught we'll seize what we can of theirs and crack down on welfare abuse.

Anchor babies can get easier citizenship, but not the parents. They take the kid home or the kid becomes a ward of the state.

I'm for open boarders, but you can't with welfare. You also have to have some security / entry vetting. Since welfare isn't going away I really haven't given it a ton of thought, so there could be more I'm missing...

I still say we return them by C-130... First parachute is free... There won't be a second one given... :p
2018-07-06 12:48:14