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User Info Charge The Employers With Being Accessories to Rape; entered at 2018-07-06 07:07:16
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
we do not need new contortions of the system or laws for that matter to solve the problem. it is simply a matter of following and enforcing existing laws and their penalties. i have always played by the rules but know others who did not, and in the very few instances where the laws and penalties are enforced they got a nasty surprise. if say the local landscaper or other businesses who have been doing this for a few decades faced criminal tax and fee evasion charges along with interest and penalties on moneys not paid due to hiring illegals there would be some day of reckoning. the IRS by statue as well as most state revenue collection agencies cannot waive interest only penalty. additionally, when there is criminal charge at the federal level a nasty little fact comes into play. well over 95% of defendants who decide to go to trial are convicted. this is a fact that i have verified with many attorneys who practice in the federal courts. most cases are settled with plea agreements which in the case of taxes and fees means that everything owed must be paid in full. can you say bye-bye, houses, investments, toys, retirement funds, etc. this according to my contacts reaches to the personal even when dealing with corps run properly as the president and other officers such as spouses are held liable for their actions in the corp which is usually held closely for small businesses, often as a pass through entity. the primary residence is always up for grabs and they will put people out into the street. there is never any mercy for the primary residence including homestead states.

all that needs to be done is investigate the current state of the business, identify the number of illegal workers and impute the violations based upon business volume in past years as the volume would have been impossible without the illegal workers. where income has been hidden by cash transactions, revisit the concept of lifestyle audits to ascertain what the business volume might have been.

there is a rule in the federal courts; you are always convicts.

so why do we need schemes, protests, digital ink, whatever? the system has its own fix. perhaps we need to investigate whether there is any liability on the authorities for not imposing the penalties and collecting monies due the people. this would be truly interesting.
2018-07-06 07:07:16