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User Info Charge The Employers With Being Accessories to Rape; entered at 2018-07-05 17:16:50
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I have another idea.

As I mentioned, I recently started with a large agricultural company, and we use a lot of seasonal labor. Upon receiving my first paycheck, I was apprised of what they paid for my unemployment insurance, and it was approximately 6% of my gross. Assuming every collects the maximum amount, this implies that my probability of getting fired and doing so is 20%. This is clearly not the case.

Now, the seasonal laborers do get laid off, and they do get to collect. Illegals are unable to collect unemployment in my state (also even in CA, according to Legal Aid). I haven't worked through the math to apportion the UI cost to the seasonal labor yet, but it is likely a massive amount. I was told we use legal labor, and these sorts of numbers would suggest to me that we do.

So, if we want to make illegal labor cost as much as legal labor, why not open up unemployment benefits to them? We could signal virtue, and at the same time hit the problem employers in the wallet.

Just a thought.
2018-07-05 17:16:50