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User Info Charge The Employers With Being Accessories to Rape; entered at 2018-07-05 10:56:20
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Registered: 2007-12-17 saint louis
I don't know if it would hold up.

And I don't know if it should. Kind of torn on that. But if I drive Joe to the bank and he robs the bank I'm an accessory to the crime. And if I know Joe had a gun it makes it pretty difficult for me to argue that I was not complicit.

Personally I'd prefer looking at his employment records and prosecuting the employer for hiring illegals. But i think that's a max penalty of $10K, not a really effective deterrent if you only impose it after crimes are committed. Need to just start pulling up at employers and levying fines. And offering whistle blower money.
2018-07-05 10:56:20