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2018-06-13 11:30 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 218 references Ignore this thread
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C'mon folks, this is outrageous.

UPDATE — Congress wants the killing of kittens at a Maryland lab run by the USDA and funded thru your tax dollars to stop. 7 On Your Side broke this story wide open earlier this month with help from the tax payer watch dog group White Coat Waste Project.

The Senate Appropriations Committee just passed a spending bill that asks the USDA to find alternative testing methods and develop a kitten adoption program. I-Team Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor discovered the Maryland lab has killed more than 200 kittens in the past five years.

The USDA has for decades run studies on toxoplasmosis.  It's a serious problem caused by a parasitic infection, and while it usually doesn't cause humans much trouble pregnant women are different matter entirely.  There is very real risk -- to human babies -- involved there.

So research, in general, is good.

What's not good is how they're doing it.

They're using kitten, and feeding them infected meat so they get infected.  Then running their experiments on the feces, which is where the risk is.

The problem is that they then kill the cats.

Now if the cats were inherently and irrevocably compromised then I guess I'd understand it.  Better a cat than a human, right, especially if ultimately it leads to a solution.

But that's not the case.  One of the reasons this particular condition is such a problem is that most of the time cats carry this parasite yet are only lightly sickened if they are clinically ill at all from having the infection.  That's part of the reason this is such a problem for human women; they have no idea their cat has the infection because kitty appears to be just fine, and mostly is.

Second, the infection is easily and cheaply treated.

So why not treat the kittens, cure them, then adopt them out?

The answer is that its easier to just kill them.

Yeah, well, **** you USDA.

Maybe we ought to run some experiments on some of those alleged "scientists", and then instead of curing them.....

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