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User Info You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...; entered at 2018-05-15 15:57:31
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You have got to finish the story. What did the dumbass say when he got up?

He reverted to his native German still on the floor, which I don't speak. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything nice. He went in the office, refused several suggestions he to go to the ER to get his head looked at. He had a tremendous ugly big goose egg.
The next morning it was like - here's a job for you to do over on the manual machine, and what he did with HIS MACHINE was not really any of my business. Thinking on it, I can't remember him ever admitting a mistake the whole 6 months I worked there. Yes, I lasted that long before he fired me.
He hired me because he was about to lose a big contract with GM to repair their broaches. It killed him not to be able to hire some kid cheap to do that sort of work. But nobody he had could repair them in spec. They were pretty fussy - they held 32 inserts in half circle rows of 4 and 3. The pocket depth and steps of each insert pocket were -.0004" +0 to an end point, although radial location was looser. Welding them up and milling them back to that tolerance was tough. He fired me for calling bull**** on the company not making any money when they were buying a new CNC every quarter, and then a couple others for bringing games to play on the night shift, and a couple for using the bathroom too often or too long including his only decent grinder hand. Then the shop folded and he had a mental breakdown and spent a few months in a psych ward. One day like a year later he saw me in the drug store and informed me he'd found Jesus. But he was nuts before he got smacked in the head.

2018-05-15 15:57:31