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User Info You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...; entered at 2018-05-15 13:41:12
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On what Redjack was saying... People have a childish faith in tech.
I worked with a CNC mill and one day I set up a job and part way through the first part it selected the wrong tool, busted it off by applying it without turning the spindle on, and froze with the claw in the air mid-cycle. I powered it down with the big red mushroom button, went and got the owner and told him it went out of sequence and seemed busted.
He was immediately angry and told me not to be stupid - it's a machine - it only does what you tell it. This although he had to approve any program before you could run it. He started yanking claw and it wouldn't move so he started yanking the drive chain around that moved the tools up to be grabbed and satisfied that wasn't loose he reached up to power it back up leaning in peering at the tool holders closely. I was objecting but he never paid any attention to anybody else and powered it back up.
The claw came back out and smacked him in the head knocking him flat on his back, not really out, but not tracking very well either. The spindle was back on and the claw tried to remove the tool holder from the spindle that was turning about 2,000 rpm. That was spectacular. Think sparks.
I can't even start to imagine all the stupid things people will do with automated cars.
I just know they will decide if a thug with a gun steps in front of my car it will stop even though I'd run him right over.
2018-05-15 13:41:12