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User Info You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...; entered at 2018-05-15 12:43:37
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The Republic is dying and just about everyone is too distracted to see or even care ! I no longer recognize the world I grew up in.

The Market Ticker posts and commentary are the only places left where sentient people understand what is really happening and being done to them.

I completely agree. I am also struck with how the vast majority of people are truly SHEEP! No thought whatsoever on their own, next to no commonsense, and the inability or unwillingness to step back and look at things from a couple angles to see what they are missing.

I have almost gotten cynical. Whenever I hear something, I automaticly look at the other angle(even if I disagree with it) to see where that is coming from and why it is being said. My wife and kids will come to me at times and ask for my take on something. They know that looking from several angles usually ends up exposing what is really going on.
2018-05-15 12:43:37