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User Info You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...; entered at 2018-05-15 11:55:39
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And this just in from the "too stupid to believe it's even true" file.

These are supposedly from "the best and brightest minds" of our times ? What a bunch of [bull****]

It's either intentional malfeasance,collusion,stupidity or an outright giving away of our national secrets and security.

Can't anybody keep their damn mouth shut about anything anymore without blabbing, posting braggadociously on the web, or relying on some vague assurances that the cloud is secure.

(Sounds just like "subprime is contained" doesn't it)

The Republic is dying and just about everyone is too distracted to see or even care ! I no longer recognize the world I grew up in.

The Market Ticker posts and commentary are the only places left where sentient people understand what is really happening and being done to them.
2018-05-15 11:55:39