You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...
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2018-05-15 11:21 by Karl Denninger
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You Can't Do Autonomous Vehicles Without 5g...
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That was the claim put forward on CNBS this morning -- and it's outrageous.

It's also dead-flat stupid literally beyond words.

Folks, local jamming of signals is trivial.  It's very hard to jam them over wide distances, but very easy to do so over short ones.  A device that is actually reliant on a permanent, always-on high-speed, low-latency connection over the air is an unsafe device.


This sort of stupidity is going to get people killed, and lots of them.  Leaving aside the capacity issues that always come up from time to time, and DDOS attacks and similar that always come up from time to time, and failures of hardware (and software) that always come up from time to time the very premise that we should allow any firm to build devices that impact public safety and rely on such always-on, always-low-latency, always-available networks is so stupid that anyone buying into that, supporting it or building such a business model should be roasted medium-well and eaten.

In fact the very premise and promotion of such a thing is solicitation of and fomenting manslaughter on a mass scale.

Leave aside the surveillance outrage that comes from a network of cameras that can tell your car that you're about to walk out into a crosswalk but aren't in your car, they're on the telephone pole next to the crosswalk, and the obvious and rampant abuse that will be implemented immediately.  That's bad enough.

This is the difference in building technology that operates autonomously but takes input and allows monitoring from elsewhere (such as my HomeDaemon-MCP code) and that which relies on and will not function without a connection to that "elsewhere" and compute resources present in that "elsewhere."

The former is reasonable.

The latter is a combination of suicide (for those who embrace it) and homicide (for those who wind up victimized by it.)

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