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User Info Don't Do It Lennar -- Talk To Me Instead; entered at 2018-05-10 15:09:44
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@Geckogm - There's no "authentication" scheme that doesn't make the problem worse! Voiceprints in the cloud are just as bad as fingerprints, since you can't change them.

It's utterly insane to link home security OR CONTROL to anything in the cloud. I originally wrote the FIRST version of HomeDaemon because there was nothing that did half of what I wanted (back in 1999!) This version was rewritten because the hardware has gotten cheaper and better, and better code made it possible to run it on a $35 computer with both iron-hard security AND excellent performance -- something that couldn't be done in 1999.

Oh, and I STILL couldn't find anything that was capable of doing what I wanted to do!

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2018-05-10 15:09:44