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User Info Don't Do It Lennar -- Talk To Me Instead; entered at 2018-05-10 14:08:35
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The cloud gives you the ability to do that sort of facial recognition stuff (since it's quite processor-intensive) BUT....

1. The biometric data is then not yours anymore. That's bad.
2. The command path isn't yours EITHER. That's worse.

It would be trivially easy to link HomeDaemon to something like Alexa since I intentionally made the interface for the app an extension of the existing web interface, which means you can pass a command to it (assuming you can authenticate) via an ordinary HTTP GET request. You can also (assuming, once again, you can authenticate) ask for all changes since time "X", and tell it for how long you want to have the reply "hang" to get you more changes (you don't want to renegotiate an SSL connection for EACH change; that's horridly wasteful, so for a short period of time you probably want to hang around speculatively before abandoning the link. If you're running off a timer firing -- such as a sleeping phone -- you want that "hang time" to be short and the requeue time to be reasonable, whereas if if you're in the foreground there are REAL efficiency benefits to allowing the hang time to be in the minutes range, since when you're in that state you get notifications within tenths of a second of when events occur.) What you get back from that is in standard HTML-5 streaming update format (which IMHO for this is superior to json since browsers all know how to do the streaming updates already.)

But IMO you have to be utterly INSANE to put authentication credentials in the cloud, or for that matter in persistent storage on the device -- or anywhere they can wind up in the cloud. If someone gets those credentials they now have complete access to your HOUSE!

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2018-05-10 14:08:35