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User Info Don't Do It Lennar -- Talk To Me Instead; entered at 2018-05-10 13:54:31
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Yeah, I love keepass. It passed a couple of stringent european security audits. I may up my game w the key and password though.

I have been looking at Azure cognitive services recently, little time left over to code but super tempted to write a facial recognition script for the door bot. Use case -
- Sees a family member and asks to unlock door - you could have a secret phrase in case someone strongarms you into the house.
- Sees the postman - after registration of course, and tells him a funny joke. I like my postman.
- Sees a stranger and asks them to answer identity info
- Sees anyone, known or unknown, and announces their presence over whole house intercom

With image and speech there'a a whole lot of fun you could have, and it's pretty cheap too.
2018-05-10 13:54:31