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User Info At Least It's Getting Press: Facebook And Other Scams; entered at 2018-04-16 13:43:58
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@Maynard: No. The problem is that the act of requesting the image for the button is enough to get and maintain an ETag or cookie. Blocking the script will stop it from working, but unless it loads from the script the request for the image still goes out and you still get tracked.

And, as you noted, blocking javascript generally makes the web quite unpleasant. A lot of things (dynamic page updates, for one) require it to work at all. Blocking ETags generally will get your IP flagged by many sites (including this one) as a robot attempting a DOS attack because you will continually request the same resource over and over which is insanely abusive to the server end of the connection, especially if the same resource is used more than once in a page (e.g. the "thumbs" green and red buttons on posts here.) That particular traffic pattern is never associated with legitimate use and many sites (and front-ends like Cloudflare) will almost-instantly detect it and block you. In fact it's entirely possible that reading a single article with a bunch of comments could get you flagged here by the anti-DOS code if you have a browser add-on loaded that disables Etags and If-Modified-Since.

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2018-04-16 13:43:58