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User Info On This Tax Day....; entered at 2018-04-15 17:58:42
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Registered: 2014-05-19 Chic
I do beleive that this is also part of the NON GAAP reporting fraud. FB and GOOG used to have huge differences between GAAP and NON GAAP and most of it was stock options "expensed" for taxes but not for reported eps.

at one point several years ago 50% of GOOG reported income was due to the non gaap difference.

it is too difficult to follow corporate accouting now, thanks to mark to fantasy for banks, etc. Govt acctg has similar problems: full and fair disclosure is an issue-can't pump up stock prices without some accting gimmicks , plus a little hlep from Fed and Treasury.

All those on stock options plan get a huge break from inflation , and a healthy tax cut--all that hard work lobbying paid off.

2018-04-15 17:58:42