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User Info Hahahahaha (Spamazon's Bezos' Paper Lies); entered at 2018-04-15 16:17:57
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I think that SSDI should have to be renewed every 2 years or so. And, I know just the people who should handle the renewals, and also applications for political asylum, and visas. The pension side of the VA! Their forms are deliberately incomprehensible to mere mortals, and any mistakes on the forms makes them get put into a big pile of others, and not addressed for several years, when they might be sent back for corrections, and then further mistakes will be made by the hapless applicant, the forms will once again get tossed into a pile, and the cycle will continue until the applicant dies, or commits suicide.

I have had to deal with the pension side of the VA, and with the healthcare side. The pension people are hard-hearted and only grudgingly give out any help. The healthcare side is much better until you get to the top administrative levels, where competence is not valued.

The VA would stop any applications and renewals of SSDI dead in their tracks. Thus preserving the federal government fiscal stupidity for some time.
2018-04-15 16:17:57