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User Info Hahahahaha (Spamazon's Bezos' Paper Lies); entered at 2018-04-15 14:33:16
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In addition to the issues raised above, the said article , submitted supossedly by the best and brightest, indicates the authors choose to "confuse" the difference between deficits and debt growth, with the debt growth being roughly 10 trillion more than deficit growth since 1983.

As stated above, this country allows if not encourages wasteful spending. The GAO annual internal control letter, the same but growing for 20 years, also says administrations and Congreses fail to do anything about it, and actually exacerbate the problems.

In a few years, should we last that long, The Soc Sec and Medicare trusts have mandated 27% spending cuts built in that will likely end the "party".

But our debt growth run rate-since 9/30/17 is around 1.7 trillion, and since 1/1/18 is 2.4 trillion.

Our GDP growth rate, including inflation is 800 billion a year.

This is a basic business numbers problem

We have a date with destiny, we do not know the day or which reckless issue will trigger it, but its coming

2018-04-15 14:33:16