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User Info On This Tax Day....; entered at 2018-04-15 08:23:45
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Registered: 2015-05-03 Vancouver WA
Obama paid a Chinese solar panel company to undercut the U.S. competition.

Wind turbines are a net loss for the rate payer and are very inefficient.

Amazon also would not exist if not for government theft.

How many more tax "loopholes" are being given to companies that would not/could not exist if not for the direct government theft?

The saddest part of this hole thing is something that has been point out several times on Market-Ticker and that is we (America) runs at a negative tax rate and that of course means the future generations and not only being forced to pay for our follies, they also get to pay the interest on this crap.

I wish we could lay all the blame at the feet of just one person, but the fact is the congress is in on it, governors of each state are in on it, so are state and local legislators as well as counties and cities.

And the general population eats it up. Why?

Because many of them are also in on it with earned income credits or some form of government hand out.

2018-04-15 08:23:45